COVID-19 Message

In accordance with safety measures recommended by our public health officials due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am currently not providing office appointments for psychological services. Instead, I will be providing telehealth services by telephone and various video conferencing platforms. Telehealth services will continue until advised by our public health officials that it is safe to relax physical distancing practices.

In the meantime, please contact my office by telephone for appointments and to discuss a preferred method of communication.

Please stay safe during this period by following the recommendations of public health officials. These include leaving your home as little as possible, respecting physical distance, washing your hands frequently, and keeping your hands away from your face.

I also suggest staying in touch with friends and loved ones through creative use of physical distancing strategies and electronic communication tools. Try to exercise regularly, and to use this period as an opportunity to resurrect neglected activities and to explore new ones. Reach out to old friends with whom you may have lost touch. Beware of false information concerning safety strategies or “treatments” for the symptoms of COVID-19, and discuss with knowledgeable persons the interpretation of statistics and other information when uncertain.

Please see information about safety and other COVID-19 facts and updates on the various government of Canada websites, such as: